• Verso a Verso

    “Verso a Verso” (Salobre, 2017) is Carmen Linares’ last album. This discographic project shows the musical identity of an international artist and the most genuine voice of the recent flamenco.

    A unique singing and poetry recital. Expression alongside the piano, the flamenco singing accompanied by the guitar, the elegance of the dance and the rhythm of the battery and the double bass. A tribute to the universal poetry by Miguel Hernández, Federico García Lorca and Juan Ramón Jiménez, which Carmen and her company have performed in twenty national venues like Madrid, Sevilla, Jerez and Córdoba, among others.

    “In the new album “Verso a Verso”, Carmen’s voice scratches and caresses us at the same time because she expresses the truth of flamenco” EL PAIS

    Booking: Juan Velasco – jv@concordebeat.com – 618 78 12 09