• Remembranzas

    (SALOBRE, 2011)


    1. Romance  Pascual de los Peregrinitos
    2. Taranta  y Cartagenera
    3. Seguiriya
    4. Cantiñas
    5. Remembranzas
    6. Moguer,  Auroras de Moguer
    7. La  luz que a mí me alumbraba
    8. Canto de la resignación
    9. Asesinado por el cielo
    10. Mis ojos sin tus ojos
    11. Casida del sediento
    12. Sevillanas de Lorca


    In May 2011, Carmen Linares was awarded the Honour Prize by the Spanish Music Arts and Sciences Academy. This award recognises “her mastery, her professional courage and her quality as a reference to women’s positive evolution in flamenco over the years.”

    In this album, in a concert form, Carmen performs the most emblematic records of her career accompanied by an unapparelled group of musicians including Miguel Poveda, Javier Barón, Miguel Angel Cortés and Juan Carlos Romero among others in the unrivalled setting of the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville. Carmen Linares: a flamenco legend. So, there is that!

    Honorific from the Music Academy  2011