• Raíces y Alas

    (SALOBRE, 2008)


    1. Remembranzas
    2. Dejadme en el jardín fragante
    3. Moguer
    4. Álamo Blanco
    5. El viaje definitivo
    6. El desvelado
    7. Canción de madre
    8. Mares y soles
    9. Llanto
    10.  Con tu voz


    Carmen Linares embarked on this project with the admiration of an artist who feels thrilled when she sings the poems written by Juan Ramón Jiménez. Her admiration for the poet from Moguer can be noticed in her extraordinary singing and unique feeling.
    The musical composition was created by Juan Carlos Romero inspired by the warmth of each poem and by the perfume of each word. All this has a symphonic and flamenco treatment. For this, she has counted with the musical arrangements by Jesús Cayuela and instrumentalists like Tino Di Geraldo.

    Best Flamenco Album Music Awards 2009