• Manolo Sanlúcar

    (UNIVERSAL, 1999)


      1. Adán
      2. Normas
      3. El Poeta Pide A Su Amor Que Le Escriba
      4. Carta A Doña Rosita
      5. Gacela Del Amor Desesperado
      6. Campo
      7. Son De Negros En Cuba
      8. Carta A Doña Rosita (Versión Corta)


    Musical piece based on Federico García Lorca’s life and works. By taking as a basis six of his poems, Manolo Sanlúcar composed a work being loyal to Lorca’s singular literary style, expressing a special commitment, and at the same time paying tribute to the man and the poet.

    “Locura de brisa y tino” is an album where Carmen Linares’ extraordinary voice is accompanied by the interpretative elegance of Isidro Muñoz and the sublime percussion of Tino di Geraldo.

    Manolo Sanlúcar’s geniality and his deep musical knowledge led him to use scales and sounds that had not been used yet in flamenco. These elements along with Carmen Linares’ singing generates the deepest of the feeling.

    National Music Award for Manolo Sanlucar (2000)


    Composing and guitar: Manolo Sanlucar
    Lead Vocals: Carmen Linares
    Guitar: Isidro Sanlúcar
    Percussion: Tino Di Geraldo , Cepillo
    Clappin: Cepillo

    Music Production: Manolo Sanlucar
    Executive Producer: Manolo Sanlucar
    Mastering and Mix by Quero